Margo and Nik’s Whitney Mansion Wedding

This was my first time photographing a Whitney Mansion Wedding. I’ve been in the building before but never wandered up the stairs. I was truly blown away by the space. The entire second floor is bathed in a warm glow from the stained glass window, and if you’re into exploring nooks and crannies and seeing what’s behind closed doors, it’s got a lot to offer.

I’m always going to love wedding venues that feel like they could be haunted. Most of my favorite places I’ve photographed in Detroit are buildings with long histories and peeling plaster. I’ve stayed late exploring the halls of the Detroit Yacht Club and wandered into backrooms of the Edsel Ford House. I’ve talked my way into the bank vault of the Guardian Building and pestered catering staff about if they’ve ever heard things go bump in the night at the Colony Club. I’ve gone so far as to ask my husband to throw me off the balcony of the Fox Theater should I ever become terminally ill, so I can spend my afterlife in it’s grandeur (sidebar: if you’re getting married at the Fox Theater, please hire me to be your wedding photographer). My favorite thing about the city of Detroit is the rich architectural heritage that was left to us while other cities replaced their’s with glass skyscrapers.

Margo and Nik recently moved to Detroit and I love that they knew that this city’s architectural treasures could shine all on their own. Their wedding was understated and classic, allowing the space and the people in it to take precedence over flowers or cake. The two of them were the reason why we all gathered that day, but the backdrop they chose also played a starring role. Near the end of my time with them, I pulled them quietly away from their guests and they shared a private first dance in the glow of that window, and when I saw the way that light hit Margo’s bridal cape, I knew my work was done.

It’s safe to say that we can add the Whitney to the ever growing list of places in Detroit that light up my neurons and help that artistic impulse within me to thrive. I hope these photographs inspire you to come to Detroit and see some of our treasures. If you’ve never been to the city, I know a gal who is rather good at knowing where all the best buildings are and has a knack for finding a good parking space.

exterior of the Whitney in detroit Michigan
details of the Whitney by detroit wedding photographer Heather Jowett
bride putting on makeup before her wedding at the Whitney
bridal suite at the Whitney
groom getting dressed at the whitney
groom putting on cufflinks
bride descenging the stairs at the whitney
first look in the garden before a wedding at the Whitney in Detroit
bride and groom share their first look
whitney detroit wedding photography
bride and groom pose for portrait on the stairs at the Whitney
artist garden wedding at the Whitney in Detroit
bride and groom at their detroit wedding
Whitney detroit wedding photographer Heather Jowett
first kiss at the garden outside of the whitney
detroit garden wedding for artists
black and white wedding photography
beautiful white and red bouquet
candid wedding photography in detroit at the Whitney Mansion
interior shots of the Whitney in detroit
antique style wedding cake
waiters preparing for a wedding reception at the whitney in detroit
classic wedding decorations at the Whitney mansion
artist bride in flowing white bridal kimono descending the stairs at her detroit wedding
cocktail reception at the Whitney Mansion
wedding guests chatting
photojournalistic wedding photographer
best man toast
candid detroit wedding photography of toasts
glowing light in the upstiars of the whitney mansion
bride and groom reacting to wedding toasts
bride and groom raising a glass at their whitney mansion wedding
cake cutting
dinner reception in detroit
private first wedding dance
artist wedding in detroit
bride and groom sharing their first dance
artistic and emotion detroit wedding photography

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