Coverage with Heather starting at
$5200 inquire

It’s a huge honor to be able to tell the stories of the couples I photograph. Seriously. I pinch myself when I think about the fact that a few of you have made it this far into my website. I get to live out my elementary school dream of being an artist, thanks to people like you. That is, frankly, f*cking amazing. In exchange for this honor, I do all I can to give couples one less thing to worry about on their wedding day – even if that means helping to mend last-minute seams or pin boutonnieres between taking photographs. I know how to take a killer candid photograph and tie a bow-tie. I’ve got your back.

On your wedding day, I’ll be your friend, your honorary wedding party member, and most importantly, your trusted photographer. Check out the details and the add ons:

  • 8 hours of coverage
  • additional options for full day and weekend coverage
  • Second-shooter available upon request
  • High-resolution files
  • Unplugged ceremony discount
  • Custom-designed fine art albums & parent Albums available
  • Inquire to see full pricing brochure
Portrait Pricing starting at

While weddings were my first love, I’ve come to absolutely adore lifestyle portraiture. For me, portraits sessions can be so much more than saying cheese in matching shirts on a beach (if that’s your thing, awesome, but it’s not what I do best). To me, a portrait session can truly capture a moment in your life: the excitement of graduating from high school, the joy of a new engagement, or the first few nervous days at home with your new baby. These sessions focus on distilling those fleeting moments, so that as time goes by and memories get fuzzy, you can look at these photographs and remember what it felt like to be on the cusp of a new journey, enthralled in a new love, or captivated by your child’s first smiles.

  • Documentary style in home family sessions
  • Personalized session planning
  • No limit on outfit changes for seniors
  • High-resolution files
  • Online print ordering
  • Custom-designed photo albums available
  • Inquire to see full pricing brochure
Videography coverage starting at
$3500 reach out

After years of getting asked “who do you recommend for videography?”, I’m excited to announce that, starting in the 2024 season, you can work with my team for videography! You can expect a similarly minimally invasive shooting style, that allows your wedding day to feel like a celebration, and not a production.

  • work with a Heather Jowett endorsed videographer
  • 3-5 minute highlight reel
  • cohesive style with your photography
Frequently Asked Questions
Can you describe your photography style?

Think photojournalism meets fine-art, sophisticated not stuffy. I view each wedding and each couple as truly unique, and am inspired by the people and places I photograph. I strive to document the real, honest, candid moments — not just the big ones, but the teeny tiny ones in between. I look for beautiful lighting, honest expressions and creative composition. Most importantly, I believe that by giving couples space to be themselves, we can make magic together.

When should we book with you?

There’s no hard and fast rule for when you should book. I’ve had eloping clients book me 2 days before they tied the knot and Type A clients book me close to 2 years in advance.

I want everyone to be as stress free as possible on your wedding day, including myself, so in the name of work life balance, I limit the number of weddings I photograph in a season to 20. Every year I reach that number a little faster, so I recommend reaching out as soon as you look at my work and think “I like this.”

If you’re a portrait client, relax. One of the benefits of being a wedding photographer, is I’m bored to tears on lots of weekdays. Scheduling, for portrait clients, is normally easy peezy, so long as you can work with a weekday.

What’s it like to work with you?

Hopefully carefree. I strive to make things easy for the couples I work with, from booking right on through to the wedding day. Working with me (I hope!) is just like having a good friend by your side for the day, who just so happens to be lugging around 30 pounds of camera equipment and telling you to go stand in that pretty light over there. I think the couples I’ve worked with before say it best. Go ahead and google “Heather Jowett Reviews” and let the results speak (I’m a little embarrassed by how many of them mention how funny I am before they mention how good my photographs are, but I guess it’s just a sign those improv comedy classes are working).

Do you do engagement shoots?

I sure do, and I want capture who you are as a couple.  Rather thank asking you two to tiptoe through the tulips in a random pretty park, I like to get to the heart of your love story. I’ll work with you to choose a location or locations inspired by your relationship — maybe the family cabin where you took your first romantic getaway, or the restaurant where you had your first date, or even the library where the two of you first locked eyes. Together, we’ll pick the perfect place, vibe, and timing.

Do you travel for shoots?

One of the best things about this gig is getting to explore new places, and I absolutely love to travel. I secretly keep an ever-expanding bucket list of all the amazing places I would love to photograph a wedding. I shoot weddings throughout the great state of Michigan, around the country and even around the world (I’ve gone as far as New Zealand. I think that’s the furthest I can go)!

If your ceremony is within two hours of Detroit, travel costs are included. If you’re farther away, let’s have a chat about pricing and logistics.

Dream locations: any national park, Isle of Skye, Portugal, Japan, Croatia, Italy, bottom of the Marianas Trench, an as of yet undiscovered alien planet. Also, quite literally anywhere that gets above 70 degrees from the months of January-April.

How many images will we receive and when will we receive them?

The numbers aren’t totally static, but in general I deliver between 400-800 photos. If your dance floor is popping and your wedding party is 10 deep on each side, you may have closer to 800. If a chill backyard brunch with your nearest and dearest was your vibe, you may have closer to 400. Every image you receive will be edited for color, exposure and contrast to a style similar to what you see on my blog and portfolio.  Typical turnaround time for images is 6-8 weeks, and your high-res files will be available for download in a secure online gallery just as soon as they’re finished.

Do you work with a second shooter?

Most of the time, I’m a lone wolf . Here’s the thing — I’ve shot weddings both solo and with another photographer over the years, and have learned that there are merits to both. I’ve learned to recognize certain circumstances where a second shooter would be super beneficial, and the cases where it is, frankly, a waste of money I’d rather you spend on an album, if it’s in the budget. I’m happy to talk through logistics with you, and see if a second shooter makes sense!

Tips & Tricks
Engagement Sessions: What to Expect

Think of your engagement session as a dress rehearsal of sorts. Say sayanora to the jitters and see ya later to anything that doesn’t work for you. We’ll shoot in a place that helps to tell your love story — the bar where you met, the trail of your favorite hike, or the site of the proposal, for instance. Remember, this isn’t your wedding day. The pressure is off and everyone can relax.

Wedding Day: Getting Ready

Some of the most amazing emotional moments happen here, the full range of laughter to tears. Anticipation is in the air and emotions run high.  But keep in mind that this is a candid, low-key part of the day. I might provide a little direction for the big moments, but we’ll keep it pretty informal otherwise.

You’ll need space with good light. You’ve got a whole team with you – bridesmaids, hair and makeup artists, moms & family members, photographers & videographers. Be sure to plan accordingly. When looking at venues, try to find accommodating spaces that are well lit without interior lights. Think big windows, high ceilings and light colored walls.
Also, please try to tidy up 10-15 minutes before I arrive to take photos, unless strewn yoga pants, eyelash curlers and empty champagne flutes are part of the wedding decor you’re going for. Bridesmaids can be walking whirlwinds, so try to manage the mess, for photos’ sake!

Wedding Day: First Look

Although it’s a personal decision each and every couple makes, many of the couples I photograph opt for a first look before the ceremony. Here are what I see as the biggest pros: If you’re at all anxious, a first look can be an instant chill pill for you and your partner. After all, who doesn’t want a hug from their partner when they’re feeling anxious?

That being said, my favorite benefit of the first look is that you get to spend most of your day doing the thing I assume you want to do, spending it with the people who came to your wedding. With most of the portraits out of the way before the ceremony, you can spend cocktail hour mingling, and I can spend it grabbing candids and canapés, in an alarmingly almost equal proportion.

Wedding Day: Portraits

We’ll schedule time away from everyone else for the bride & groom portraits. Ideally, it’ll just be the three of us, so you’ll have space to relax, get comfortable and be yourselves together.

Portraits with warm, glowing light are often absolutely stunning, so don’t be surprised to find me tapping you on the shoulder at the end of dinner, asking if you want to step away and take a couple moments away for some golden-hour portraits.

Wedding Day: The Ceremony


Church Ceremonies: Make sure you chat with church officials and understand any potential restrictions on in-church photography. Know what you’re getting into if great ceremony photos are important to you. Some churches only allow photography taken from the back of the church, i.e. no shots of your expressions, while some churches allow no photography at all.

Outdoor Ceremonies:Light often plays a key factor in how outdoor ceremony shots turn out, regardless of season.

For summer weddings, it’s good to avoid peak afternoon hours (12-4 pm, usually), when light is harsh and temperatures run high. The groom will thank you.

Ideal “golden-hour” light is two hours before sunset. Keep in mind the sun sets later in the summer. If a golden hour ceremony doesn’t work for your wedding schedule, try to find a ceremony spot with open shade (think shady sides of barns, under large trees, etc.).

Wedding Day: Family Portraits

If you have formal family portraits in mind, make sure you have a concise list of groupings prepared. In fact, it’s the only list I want from you on your wedding day.  In most cases, it’s best to stick to portraits with parents, siblings, grandparents and nieces & nephews. Some family portraits may take place at the altar, but we’ll mostly be looking for spots to shoot with great light and a gorgeous background. Remember, we can always  get more informal group shots with cousins and extended family members during the reception without the time crunch.

It’s always easiest to corral family members right after the ceremony when everyone is still in one place. Make sure to tell everyone to stay put post-ceremony to avoid mix-ups and delays.

Wedding Day: The Reception

You made it! High five!

Reception lighting can make or break the character and beauty to of reception shots. Bistro and hanging lights are great for barns and outdoor receptions, while amber uplighting in ballrooms provides a flattering, warm glow.  As a photographer, light is kind of my thing, so when in doubt, ask.

I always bring my own flashes, just in case to light the reception space, especially for formal dances on the dance floor. I’ve found each space has its own lighting quirks, so I recommend doing parent dances before first dances. That way, any potential kinks with flash and lighting are worked out before the two of you have your first dance

If your DJ or band is bringing lights for the stage or dance floor, make sure you chat with them prior to the reception. Please, please puh-leaaaase avoid using laser lights at your reception so that I in turn can skip taking pictures of your guests with red and green dots on their faces.