Tiff & Drew | Michigan Proposal Photography

I’ve known Drew and Tiff since shortly after I started at University of Michigan, and yes, they were as adorable back then as they are here. Drew approached me a little before Christmas and asked me if I would photograph his proposal to Tiff. This was a first for me, but I immediately jumped at the opportunity (seriously, who wouldn’t). Needless to say, Tiff said yes and I feel so lucky to have been there to photograph all the happiness.

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  • Eeee so cute! Gosh, what a stylish couple too… I love the shots with the wrapped-up lights. This is so sweet!

  • OMG that is gorgeous work!! And what an amazing moment to be a part of!! You gotta love the smiles here. 😀

  • So the best thing about this is Tiffany’s MEGAWATT smile of excitement! Just amazing.

  • oh oh oh! so stunning. i may have a tear 😐

  • You captured the moments so beautifully..
    I love the last images so much!

  • Oh my gosh… I absolutely LOVE proposal stories! This is so beautiful!

  • Wow, good thing Tiff looked so drop dead fabulous at her surprise photographed proposal 🙂 These are awesome!

  • this is so gorgeous! I love love love this proposal!

  • Oh Heather, these are absolutely lovely. <3 I can't get over how beautiful she is when she smiles.

  • These are so adorable Heather! Love it. I so want to photograph an actual proposal one day too!

  • This is very cool. Nice work. I love the shot with the lights.

  • Awesome. You captured the love so well…

  • Wow, this is sooooo cool! Beyond coolness! The images are absolutly superb. Well done. Awesome, the ones with the lights wrapped around them!

  • So charming! Was she surprised? Love the twinkly lights and her giddy expressions. Congrats to the happy couple!

  • omg. so good.

  • really nice serie. i love all fo them! great work.

  • What an honor to be a part of their engagement! Your photos are wonderful, truly reflect their joy.

  • That is so sweet!! I love how he laid out the blanket and decorated! What wonderful memories that will have forever!!

  • Love this proposal, This is so beautiful!

  • Wow, gorgeous capture. You can really feel the surprise and the love in all the photos. Well done, lovely!

  • I love how your photos tell the story of this engagement! Great work!

  • beautiful images. i love the idea to bring some xmas lights and the image where she looks at her ring.

  • Awesome session! Great job showing the love between them!

  • This is so sweet! Great job!

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