Ryan and Zach’s DIA Wedding

When the inquiry for this wedding first landed in my inbox describing a black tie DIA wedding with a couple named Ryan and Zach, I admit that I assumed this was going to be a gay wedding and got a bit excited since I’m always looking to represent love in all it’s forms through my business (because love is love, like, duh). Sadly, when we Skyped, I realized that Ryan was, in fact, not a man in a same sex relationship but instead an astoundingly beautiful woman. I remember her apologizing to me for not looking her best because she had “just come from the gym”. I sat there contemplating all the ways I could tell her to go jump off a cliff without losing out on booking their wedding. I resemble a sweaty tomato for approximately three and a half days after I go to the gym. Ryan looked like she had just strolled from 5th avenue onto my computer screen which, considering I was skyping with the two of them from their place in NYC, was quite possible.

I managed to move past my disappointment over their heterosexuality and came to like them in spite of it. Ryan and Zach were honestly a dream to work with. Ryan works in the art field so I was admittedly a bit nervous about being responsible for creating the visual record of her wedding day but she trusted me completely. Zach proved himself a gentleman and had surrounded himself with friends for whom the same was true. The two of them just made sense together. Their DIA wedding was exactly what I expected from the two of them: elegant, understated, and filled with love.

Detroit continues to inspire me and I hope that my work documenting love in this city does it’s part in showing the world what Detroit is really about.

Detroit Skyline from the Westin

mother of the bride giving gift to daughter

detroit bride getting dressed

wedding prep at westin book cadillac

black and white photo of bride getting dress by Detroit wedding photographer Heather Jowett

father of the bride straightens grooms tie

downtown detroit wedding photographer

bride on her way to first look

emotional first look on woodward avenue

bride and groom sharing a moment

portrait of modern classic bride and groom

detroit street portrait of a couple on their wedding day

bride and groom

wedding party in front of the spirit of Detroit sculpture

bride and groom laughing in front of spirit of detroit

downtown detroit wedding

joe louis fist

dramatic lighting bride and groom portrait

bridal portrait of structural dress

bride and groom outside of their Detroit Institute of Arts wedding

wedding party outside of the detroit institute of arts

bride with bridesmaids in black gowns

groomsmen in tuxedos

DIA wedding

modern portraits of bride and groom

black and white portraiture

diego rivera court at the DIA

groom waiting for his bride

bride shares a moment with her dad at her wedding ceremony

DIA wedding in Rivera Court

mothers watching their childrens wedding ceremony

laughs during detroit institute of arts wedding ceremony

wedding ceremony

detroit wedding photographer Heather Jowett

bride and groom exchanging rings

photograph by michigan wedding photographer heather jowett

couple exchanging first kiss in rivera court

just married

artistic wedding photography

ceiling of the grand hall at the DIA

gold and cream wedding details

candlelit wedding reception

head table at detroit institute of arts wedding

marbleized wedding cake

grand hall DIA wedding reception

bride and groom entering their reception

cake cutting at the DIA

bride and groom share their first dance

black and white cnadid wedding photography

bride and groom dancing in the great hall at the DIA

first dance

modern artistic wedding photography in detroit

dip kiss

father of the bride dances with his daughter

father daughter dance at the DIA

photojournalistic wedding photographs

wedding reception in the grand hall of the DIA

best man speech

bride and groom reacting to speeches

maid of honor giving a toast to her sister the bride

DIA wedding photography

bride and groom toast to their guests

wedding guests dancing

bride getting down

wedding merriment

bride and groom dancing

detroit wedding photography

bride and groom dancing

grandma getting down

bride dancing

Detroit Institute of Arts wedding photography

last dance

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