Port Huron Class of 2012 Senior Rep Search is ON!

The Low Down
The Senior Rep program is an opportunity for four Port Huron Area Seniors to get awesome, free Senior Portraits in exchange for a little promotion.

The Process
Senior Reps will be chose by July 15 and announced on my blog. If you’re selected, your senior portrait session will take place some time this summer. My portrait sessions aren’t your typical studio session with cheesy props and caps and gowns. A Heather J. Senior Portrait session is all about capturing your real spirit. The images are more like something you would see in a magazine than your typical year book. We’ll work together to come up with a concept and location for the shoot that fits you. On the day of your session, we’ll spend two hours shooting your portraits and making sure you look stellar. If you want to go the extra mile and have your hair and makeup done for the shoot, I have some great names to refer to you.

The Goods
Now here is what you’ll get after we shoot your session. You’ll get a DVD with web version of he final selects from your session, typically between 20 and 30. You can post these on FaceBook or other sites. They will be stamped with my logo and website, you that your buddies know how to find me. You’ll also get your choice of 2 high resolution photos without my logo and a print release, so you can have prints made of them where ever you like. You will get 50 Senior Rep cards which are about the size of a business card. They’ll have your picture on it – and my contact information. This is what you will give to your buddies when they say “OH EM GEE WHO TOOK THESE AMAZING PICTURES?”. Each senior that comes in with one of your cards gets a $50 discount on their session AND each card of yours that is brought in also gets YOU a $10 iTunes gift card (or if there is some other shop you can’t get enough of, I can make the gift card for that shop).

BOO! Rules!
Here’s the bummer, there are some rules. First, you will need your parent’s permission. You will also need to sign a model release so that I can use your picture on my blog and website. Finally, you have pinky swear to promote me at your school and spread the great news of the awesomeness of Heather J. Senior Portraits.

So, who gets chosen?
There is no magic formula that guarantees you’ll be chosen. I invest a lot of time and money into my reps, so I try to select individuals I know will be enthusiastic about promoting my business.

Still interested? Then hit the little contact me button at the bottom of this entry and I’ll email an application out to you! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  • These portraits are amazing. I love how much personality comes out in them, but they’re simple and not overly crowded with props. Really, really lovely.

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