Nicole and Drew’s Homespun Chic Hidden Vineyard Barn Wedding


Despite them being cat people, I’ve really grown to love Nicole and Drew.

Weddings like this one don’t come around often, where every last detail is thought out and every care is taken to assure the guests have the time of their life. After getting to know her a little better, I learned, that’s just the kind of person Nicole is: she’s thoughtful and she enjoys taking care of people.  I could tell, as the night went on and she saw how much fun her friends and family were having, it filled her with joy.  It was the best reward she could receive for all her hard work she put in over many months of planning.

This wedding was brimming with that sort of thoughtfulness and some moments that will go down as some of my favorites from the 2014 wedding season.  Without a doubt, my favorite part of the day was watching Nicole and Drew share a private first dance away from all their guests.  They’re both shy and don’t like to be the center of attention, so rather than dancing for a room full of onlookers, they stepped away from the reception to share a dance to Bob Dylan, next to a soybean field, right as the sun set.

I’ve been holding onto this wedding because I wanted to wait to share it until the new site went live.  When I arrived in her suite that morning and saw the color of Nicole’s bridesmaids dresses, I literally said “this wedding looks like my new website”.  This has been a hard one to keep in my back pocket, but I’m so happy to be sharing it now.


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  • Elissa

    Heathhhhher. This wedding is amazing. The bride’s dress is amazing, that photo of the rings in the rock salt is amazing, the portraits are amazing, the ceremony photos are amazing, just. I could go on. Also, your new site (this is my first time seeing it!) is so pretty and I love it. I’m pinging everywhere with the prettiness of this entire web-visiting experience 🙂

  • Adonye Jaja

    Dang. This is beautiful!

  • Susan Yee

    Heather, these are stunning! And your new website is so lovely. Congrats!

  • Caryn

    What STELLAR work!!! Love everything the whole way down. Way to freaking go!

  • Sarah

    Oh man this is the perfect wedding to kick off your new (AND AWESOME) website with. Everything is perfect, her dress, the sunglasses, the soybean dance, everything. Just gorgeous.

  • Veronica Varos

    I am so obsessed with this wedding and this couple.

  • Rachael

    Beautiful photos and your portraits are stunning.

  • Tyler

    so fresh. so clean. killed it.

  • Shyann

    Stunning wedding. So much perfection. You killed this wedding for sure Heather.

  • ayesha

    heatherrrrrrr i love you and your site and your photos! so. many. perfect. moments. fanning her tearing eyes? dancing in the sun with the little girl? every single portrait. so many favorites. also the bride reminds me of elizabeth mitchell… such classic beauty. stunning <3

  • bryan

    holy crap. absolutely beautiful.

  • jeffrey

    WoW !! Very beautiful event!! Really love the colors of the cornfield at end. Such an amazing setting. Beautiful images!!

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