Liz and Jon’s Orchard House Bed and Breakfast Wedding

Bilbo Baggins Birthday. Those were the three words Liz and Jon chose to describe their wedding at the Orchard House Bed and Breakfast in Granville Ohio. I already knew I liked Liz and Jon. We had a great time shooting their engagement photos in Detroit’s Eastern Market, but when they told me that Bilbo Baggins’ Birthday was their inspiration for their wedding, they really solidified their cool status in my book. Sure, there were no fireworks shaped like dragons but I still feel like they nailed the aesthetic and the Orchard House Bed and Breakfast proved to be the perfect venue to pull that look together.

I don’t pick favorite couples or favorite weddings. It’s just not a thing I do because all my couples are amazing and I love them all and how could you ever ask me to choose?! However, you’ll forgive me for saying that my favorite wedding GUEST of all time was at this wedding. I’ll just say two words to describe him and let you find him yourself: Wedding Santa. If I could change one thing about my own wedding, I would find a way to meet wedding Santa before the big day and invite him to my wedding. Wedding Santa danced longer and harder than people half his age. The sweat from Wedding Santa’s beard can cure any flu or cold. Wedding Santa is not just a person, he’s a state of being. Long live Wedding Santa.

Anyways, I hope you really enjoy this wedding. I got to feed a goat at it so it goes without saying that I enjoyed this wedding, thoroughly.

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