Alison and Shaun’s Lafayette Grande Wedding

Alison inquired for my birthday, which fell on a Saturday last year, and I had resolved not to book it unless I had the right feeling from the inquiry. Well, to say Alison gave me the right feeling was an underscore. When I asked her if there was anything special I should know about her wedding, she responded with this, word for word.

“I just want to tell you a little bit about my vision. I am really not looking for someone to document every little detail of the wedding day. If I only got three shots that were fabulous, I would be happy. What I am looking for is capturing critical moments. And good f-ing design. And grand abstractions. And extraordinary light. I love fine art portraiture. I love photojournalism. I love experimental pieces. I love the faded, dull colors of photographs from the 60s. I love good photographs. So I am really hoping this is good news to you, that you can kind of have artistic license and not have to worry about whether you got the one of the shoes in the foreground, or the dress hanging up, or every place setting. I am not super interested in keepsakes, or a feature length documentary. I just want a few fabulous images. Will you tell me how you feel about this?”

I felt pretty good about it, to say the least. I headed into Alison and Shaun’s wedding day resolving to treat it as a birthday gift to myself and to only bring the camera to my eye when I wanted to. As wedding photographers we so often have to balance our own creativity with what our clients (and their families) want from wedding photographs so having complete freedom from Alison to photograph a kid picking it’s nose over her first kiss and to do whatever I wanted when shooting their family ‘formal’ of 20 people was pretty liberating.

Do I think every picture I took that day is earth shattering? No, but every picture I took that day was one that I wanted to take, not one that I felt like I had to take, and that on it’s own is earth shattering.

exterior of the lafayette grande in pontiac michigan
black and white photography of flower girl at lafayette grande in pontiac michigan
lafayette grande pontiac michigan wedding photography
photojournalistic photo of flower girl dancing by michigan wedding photographer heather jowett
candid wedding photography of kids playing
funny photograph of flower girl looking out the window
05a dramatic black and white photo of bride putting on lipstick
wedding ceremony inside at the lafayette grande in pontiac michigan
couple exchanging rings during wedding ceremony in the ballroom of the lafayette grande
black and white wedding photography of couple toasting
creative and candid family wedding portrait
bride descending the stairs at the lafayette grande
wedding party photography in downtown pontiac michigan
bride and groom pose for portrait in downtown pontiac
bride and groom crossing the street in pontiac by Michigan wedding photographer heather jowett
wedding guests wearing funny glasses
bride and groom entering ballroom at lafayette grande wearing mardi gras masks
cake cutting in lafayette grande ballroom
bride and groom sharing first dance in crystal ballroom of the lafayette grande
jazz singer performs at a wedding
wedding guests dancing
crooner singing at wedding reception
big brass band playng at a wedding reception
lots of action during wedding reception at the crystal ballroom of the lafayette grande ballroom
bride and groom share a cigar at their wedding reception by detroit wedding photographer Heather Jowett

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  • Robin Will

    Stunning. Classy and chic, like Alison!

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