From Justine: I did it! I completed my first season as super second shooter on team Heather. 2013 has been a life altering year for me. I have crawled out of my shell in so many ways, I’ve learned to embrace the beauty around me and have started to become what I think is an adult. I could not of accomplished this much without the help and support of my ever so gracious friend and Mentor, Heather Jowett. I tip my hat to you, and look forward to many more car rides filled with laughter and NPR tears, they’re real, look it up.

I would like to thank the real stars of the year, the couples. Thank you for letting me glimpse into your love stories for a day. I am genuinely inspired by your radiant smiles, your subtle glances and your continuous hospitality. You have made this season unforgettable for me! I look forward to the future, to the new lovers and the adventures they will take us on.

This post is for everyone that has made this season possible, thank you.

From Heather: When I first decided to make Justine a part of the team, I wondered what would happen. Would she progress? Would she learn? Would she get along with my clients? Would she come to a point where her work could speak for itself? I’ve had a year to answer those questions, and the answer is Yes, on all accounts. I’m so proud of the progress Justine has made in just one year of shooting weddings by my side, and can’t wait to see the images she’ll make this year.

Here’s some of Justine’s work, speaking for itself.

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  • Heather Elizabeth

    Dang! Go Justine! These are some killer frames. Amazing that before this year she hadn’t shot a wedding.

  • Beth Griffor

    I’m crying too Amy, awesome job Bean!!!!

  • So many beautiful moments! I love the one of the bride and her mom getting emotional getting ready!

  • Great work Justine! That portrait of the couple sitting in the field kissing is KILLER.

  • What a wonderful set Justine!! So many amazing images, I know you mist be really proud of yourself right now…and you should be!!

  • Go you thats a seriously awesome collection for year 1, stunning images

  • Gorgeous work Justine. Love the moments you see and capture. Beautiful work .. 2014 is gonna be massive for you.

  • Great stuff Justine!
    I bet you make an awesome team.

  • These are amazing! Not just for a first year, but overall, for anyone! Go Justine!

  • These are all lovely images Justine! So many amazing moments, but 033 is my favourite 🙂

  • Justine Castle

    Oh my goodness! I am beyond grateful for all of your kind words!!!

  • That black and white exit shot from the church is perfection… LOVE!

  • some really cool frames in there. you’ve gotta be stoked.

  • What a fantastic year – you’re a star already – have a tremendous 2014!

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