Julie & Miguel’s Engagement Session in Grand Rapids

Julie and Miguel are both doctors, and they were the first of my 2020 couples to postpone due to Covid, even before the lockdowns, before the virus was spreading like wildfire in the states. They saw the writing on the wall and decided to do what needed to be done to keep their loved ones safe. Right now, their rescheduling plans are a bit up in the air, since they’re both a little focused on saving lives right now, but they know that whenever and wherever they decide to tie the knot, I will be there.

This has been an interesting summer to say the least. Having my schedule free of weddings has allowed me to do things I often am just too busy for. I attended a birthday party for my nieces (mask on). I’ve put a lot of love and energy into starting a garden. I’ve read books. I’ve been on the water. I’ve worked on making my new house a home. I’ve discovered new recipes. I’ve marched for Black lives (for the record, Black lives matter and if that statement makes you uneasy about hiring me, we probably wouldn’t be a good fit in the first place). I’ve written to my local leaders and city council. I’ve gotten to know my new neighbors. I’ve fallen deeper in love. I’ve taken my dogs on so many walks. I’ve slowed down, a lot. It seems a fitting time for a sabbatical, considering I’ve been full time in this industry for almost 10 years.

When all of this started, the uncertainty scared me. It still does to a certain extent. Being a business owner, I’m not new to uncertainty and the discomfort that comes with it, and there is a part of me that thrives on it. Every year I know I flourish or fail based on my own actions. It’s been interesting to have some time to focus on a different kind of flourishing. I love what I do, and I’m eager to get back to it when it’s safe, but having so much surplus energy to give back to my community, to give back to my relationships, and to give back to myself has been rewarding.

I’d like to think that this time has changed me for the better, and in turn made me a better more mindful photographer. I look forward to the day when time sees fit to let me get back behind the camera doing something I love, and that day is fast approaching. Until then, you can enjoy some photos from days past.

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