Helen and Paul in Black and White

Helen and Paul prove that just because the weather is gray, you don’t have to be gloomy. Here they are, in full grayscale glory.

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  • Very sweet. I love the really close up one!

  • Love the B&W also really love that logo!

  • Loving the B&W – silhouette ones really work for me – great work!

  • Beautiful collection of black and whites. Love the third frame.

  • Sweet! Loving the black and whites.

  • Beautiful! I love the third frame down and the silhouette ones, so well done!!

  • Rae

    Really cute, i love the feel of the black and whites. I love the ones under the shed/shelter in particular! 🙂

  • 5th one down in the tunnel is my fav 🙂

  • Love the silhouettes!

  • wow, these are so gorgeous. I love the tunnel shots.

  • Awesome!! I adore that last one, her expression is wonderful.

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