Gillian and Dan’s Cornman Farms Wedding

I’m very good at blogging in a timely fashion. So good in fact that these two have already celebrated their first anniversary and have a 3 month old baby (shout out to Charlotte). But this is just one of those weddings that I’m really proud of, and well, sometimes that’s the hardest stuff to put out there. Also I’ve just been really busy, okay?! #isitdecemberyet. Jewish weddings have always been among my favorites (even though I’ve suffered a black eye and a injured toe or two during the Hora). There’s just something about a wedding where couples get to break things during the ceremony and the get tossed around like rag dolls in chairs during the reception. Gillian and Dan chose to host their Jewish Wedding at Cornman Farms, and well, I’m just pleased as punch to have been chosen to photograph it.

The day was made beautiful through a lot of hard work and planning on Gillian’s and her Mother’s part, as well as incredible florals throughout the entire property by Parsonage Events. Seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever been around this many flowers in my life and I don’t know if I ever will be again. The team from Two Foot Creative helped out on the day of to make sure everything came together and Leah Moss added some beautiful touches of calligraphy throughout the event. It was truly a team effort.

I want to thank Brides Magazine for featuring this wedding a while back. You can read more about the team there and hear a little bit about why Gillian and Dan chose Cornman Farms. I should probably also thank Brides for naming me one of the top 72 wedding photographers in the biz right now. That still feels a bit surreal to say, and well, I’m not one to brag, but my Aunt insisted I should tell people it happened so here I am, telling the 6 of you who will actually read the text on this blog post. Is there anybody out there?

Anyways, here’s a beautiful wedding with beautiful people and beautiful flowers. Enjoy.

wedding dress hangs in the bridal suite at cornman farms
mother helps bride into her dress by Detroit wedding photographer Heather Jowett
bride getting dressed
bridesmaids react to seeing bride in her dress for the first time
bride and groom share a first look at Cornman Farms
black and white photo of bride and groom holding hands
wedding portaits at cornman farms with florals by parsonage
hipster wedding photography
bride and groom pose with flower girl and ring bearer at Cornman farms
signing of the ketubah during a jewish wedding at cornman farms
family sings over a couple during their ketubah signing at cornman farms
floral huppah by parsonage
groom hugs father at the beginning of his jewish wedding ceremony at cornman farms
children take part in a wedding ceremony
bride walking down the aisle
groom watching his bride walk down the aisle
father of the bride giving his daughter away
jewish wedding ceremony on the front lawn of cornman farms by ann arbor wedding photographer heather jowett
bride and groom under the huppah at cornman farms
ring exchange
groom shares vows with his bride during a jewish wedding at cornman farms
the breaking of the glass and first kiss at a cornman farms wedding
photojournalistic wedding photographer in detroit
bride and groom take a moment away for golden hour photos
black and white portrats of bride and groom
incredible floral details in the tent at cornman farms by parsonage
florals with candles and custom napkins
florals by parsonage at cornman farms
head table with lots of greenery and florals at cornman farms by ann arbor wedding photographer heather jowett
floral chandelier at cornman farms
a night scene of the tent at cornman farms
bride and groom enter the reception space
cake cutting at cornman farms
father of the bride gives a toast to his daughter at her cornman farms wedding
candid wedding photographer
timeless black and white wedding receptipn photography
sibling of the bride give a speech at a cornman farms wedding
candid ann arbor wedding photographer
bride and groom listen to speeches
father of the groom
bride and groom raise a glass
dinner in the tent at cornman farms
dancing barn at cornman farms in ann arbor
bride and groom share their first dance in the barn
candid wedding photogrpaher heather jowett
first dance for the bride and groom
first dance
the hora at a jewish wedding at cornman farms
bride and groom during the horah at their cornman farms wedding
family member during the horah at cornman farms
bride and groom dancing with guests
wedding guests dancing
cornman farms wedding
bride and groom enjoying their reception at cornman farms
bride and groom steal a kiss on the dance floor
groom lifts and spins bride
wedding guests dancing
bride and groom dance the night away at their cornman farms wedding reception
night portrait on the porch of the farmhouse at cornman farms

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