Hannah & Brett’s Cornman Farms Wedding

Cornman Farms has been one of my favorite venues in Ann Arbor for a while now. The grounds are gorgeous, it’s spacious, the catering is always top notch, and to top it all off, there are goats. Often baby ones.

Hannah and Brett chose to host their wedding at Cornman Farms. Hailing from opposite sides of the country, they knew, no matter where they wed, a significant portion of their guests would be traveling for their wedding, so they decided to host it in a place that was meaningful to both of them, Ann Arbor. It’s where they met attending the University of Michigan and spent many of their formative years.

This was one of those big weddings that still managed to feel small and intimate, and I think it’s because Hannah and Brett really took the time to honor and include their families throughout the entire day. From getting ready to getting down on the dance floor, their nearest and dearest were always close by. They never lost site of what a wedding is about, celebrating the people who helped to get you there.

It also never hurts to have a sister who happens to plan fabulous events around the world helping you to bring it all together. Hannah’s sister Lindsay went above and beyond the duties of sister and maid of honor, and made sure that not only was it an event filled with family and love, but also one filled with beauty and taste.

cornman farms exterior

bridal dress and accessories

mother helps daughter into her dress at a cornman farms wedding

cornman farms jewish wedding

first look with father on wedding day

parents react to seeing daughter on her wedding day

cornman farms jewish wedding

first look at cornman farms

bride and groom share a first look on the front porch of cornman farms

portraits of bride and groom at cornman farms

bride and groom portraits

emotional wedding portraiture

couple on the front porch of cornman farms

portraits in the garden of cornman farms

couple with goats at cornman farms

wedding party in eclectic dresses

ketubah signng at a cornman farms jewish wedding

bride walks to the ceremony with her parents in the rain

bride walking down the aisle

groom watching bride walk down the aisle

cornman farms jewish wedding ceremony

sharing of the kiddush cup

black and white photos of a jewish wedding ceremony at cornman farms

cornman farms jewish wedding ceremony

bride and groom share first kiss

bride and groom recessing after ceremony

a color wedding reception at cornman farms

florals with saturated colors

details at a cornman farm weddings

guests enjoying dinner in the tent at cornman farms

father of the bride speaking at a wedding

father of the bride giving a toast

reactions to wedding toasts

black and white photography at cornman farms

bride hugging father after toast

Father of the groom giving a toast

groom hugging his father

groom giving a toast to his wife

cake cutting with vintage topper

bride and groom toasting

reception in the barn at cornman farms

first dance at a wedding

groom lifts bride during first dance

family watching first dance

first dance

horrah at a cornman farms jewish wedding

guests lifting chairs during horrah

horrah at cornman farms

faather of the bride during horrah

parents of the groom during the horrah

bride and groom dancing

family members dancing during reception

reception dancing

guests dancing and enjoying themselves at a cornman farms jewish wedding

bride and groom share a kiss on the dance floor

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