Christy and Chris, Grosse Point

What can I say, sometimes, as a photographer, you just click with a couple. Christy and Chris were one of those couples. I was nervous waiting for them, because we hadn’t had a chance to have a face to face meeting before they booked, but as soon as they walked up and we got to chatting a little, I knew things were going to click.

Christy and Chris both work at the University of Michigan hospital, which, in my family, we’re big fans of because of the amazing work they’ve done for my nephew. When we were scheduling their engagement session, we had to push it back a week because my nephew was going to be undergoing surgery. Not only was Christy understanding of this, but she emailed me specifically asking if there was anything they could do for us while he was at the hospital. That awesome, sweet as pie nature seems to be Christy in a nutshell. Chris, you’ve got one of the good ones here.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Lastly, what do you do when you find a weird cut out of Alice in a War Memorial? Take a picture with it, DUH!

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  • What a lovely session! Cute couple 🙂 I’m digging your post processing.

  • Great photos Heather. Your black and whites are dreamy. 🙂 Love the one of the couple looking out the window.

  • Love that looking back laughing shot – quick trigger finger! Awesome shoot!

  • The second from last one is my fave 🙂

  • very intimate session. great 🙂

  • Wow these are all amazing but the ones of them in the library are freaking awesome!!!!

  • I love how calm and relaxed these are!

  • Such a cute couple, and such lovely images as well.

  • Heather…loving your compositions! Christy and Chris are just adorable too. Well done!

  • Love the diptych that’s 3 down from the top. Nice work!

  • These are beautiful, gorgeous use of light.

  • Sam

    They truly look madly in love. So fantastic!

  • Adorable session!! I LOVE it!!

  • What beautiful, beautiful light! These have so much atmosphere – great couple, great pictures.

  • This is a fantastic session, Heather! I really like the ones inside the library!

  • I am really liking your black and whites! Loving moments you captured.

  • I adore that third to last black and white where she’s laughing. Such a full and real moment <3

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