Chrissy and Justin’s Wedding at Cornman Farms

I’ve come to trust the fact that couples who are referrals from past couples are always going to be incredible to work with, and Chrissy and Justin are a fine piece of evidence to support that. When we first chatted about their wedding day they spoke about how they just wanted it to be a good experience for their guests, how excited they were for the band to play and that more than anything, they wanted people to have a good time. They succeeded.

When Chrissy and I met a few months before the wedding to talk about how things were coming together and to make a plan for the wedding photography, we accidentally spent the entire time talking about shows we liked and our Game of Thrones theories (this was long before the revelations of season 7. No spoilers).

I always love seeing what couples do at Cornman Farms. I’ve shot more weddings there than I can count and each one has been different that the last. I adored that Chrissy and Justin had their ceremony in the round. It was unlike anything I had ever seen there and it truly felt like they were surrounded by love. Future couples, I highly encourage you to steal this idea from these two.

I’m excited to see these two again at a wedding I have coming up this year that they referred me, because as I mentioned, referred couples are always incredible. Here are a few photos from their wedding day.

Bride looking out the window over cornman farms

vintage bridal clip on earrings

bride being helped into her bhldn dress

bride getting dressed at the farmhouse at zingermans cornman farms

bride does finishing touches

bridesmaid sharing a moment with bride just before ceremony

bride and groom sharing first look on the front lawn of zingermans cornman farms

groom seeing his bride in her bhldn dress for the first time

emotional wedding photography

bridesmaids cheering for bride and groom

artistic wedding photography

black and white portrait of bride and groom

bridesmaids in long pastel and floral dresses

modern wedding party at a zingermans cornman farms wedding

shy flower girl hesitating coming down the aisle

bride walking down the aisle for her ceremony

welcoming prayer at wedding ceremony

ceremony in the round at cornman farms

candid wedding photography by detroit wedding photographer Heather Jowett

bohemian wedding ceremony on the front lawn of cornman farms

artistic wedding photographer

bride and groom share a laugh during their wedding ceremony

bride and groom sharing emotion vows

mothers watching a wedding ceremony

detroit wedding photographer

black and white photo of wedding ceremony at cornman farms

first kiss

just married

bride signs license while groom checks out his ring

goats mingling with guests during cocktail hour

bride and groom walking to reception

industrial lighting with wood farm tables

rustic wedding touches

vintage plates on farm tables

bride and groom entering their reception in the tent at cownman farms

dinner time

laughs during speehes

sister of the groom gives a speech with her daughter

ann arbor wedding photographer

bride and groom cheersing at cornman farms

golden hour bride and groom portraits

bride and groom walking in field at sunset

detroit wedding photographer

dramatic wedding portraits

first dance inside barn at cornman farms

upbeat first dance

joyous first dance

ending their first dance with a kiss

bride dancing with her father at cornman farms

bride hugging her dad

mother son dance

the barn at cornman farms at night

wedding guests dancing

live music at wedding reception

guests dancing the night away

bride and groom enjoying reception

wedding guests dancing

wedding reception turning into a party

ann arbor wedding photographer

bride and groom dancing

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