Carolyn & Ryan | The Wedding Album

You may recognize these two. Here’s their wedding album.

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  • This is so awesome!! I love their facial expressions 🙂

  • LOVE! They must be so pleased with their album, what an awesome treasure to have!

  • This is great! So wonderful to capture the expressions of them seeing their album for the first time… Nicely done.

  • Beautiful album! I love their reactions to it.

  • This was such a good idea to photograph them looking at their album! Love this.

  • I’ve hand delivered albums a few times and it’s amazing to watch. I’ve never thought to take a camera though. Brilliant!

  • I’ve hand delivered albums a few times and never thought to take a camera. It’s fantastic to watch. Love their reactions!

  • weeeell now I want an album of my wedding. oh wait, I have no photos of it. BUT STILL!

  • I love this idea to photograph them when they’re seeing their wedding album. What a gorgeous album it is 🙂 Wish the market for wedding albums would be bigger around here.

  • Looks great. I love that you captured them seeing it for the first time. Priceless.

  • Great idea to shoot this Heather. Lovely memories.

  • Really lovely idea, and beautifully captured too. I bet they’re delighted with it. And I love the one with the dog 🙂

  • What a great idea! I love the looks clients have when looking through their album- so amazing to see it captured.

  • what a unique idea! love this series and it’s a beautiful album!

  • Love it! The album and them looking at it for the first time!

  • Looks great, really like the fact that you got the shots of their reaction to the album

  • great job and good idea with showing an actual couple enjoying an album as opposed to just sample album pictures 🙂

  • Great idea!!! love their expressions!!! The album looks awesome!!!

  • Love this and their reactions!

  • genius.

  • Now you have to make an album of the album showing :)….. beautiful work.

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