Alex & Alex at Wellers Carriage House

I really really loved this wedding and that’s because I really really loved these two. Yes, they’re both named Alex. Yes, it was confusing. Yes, I started having to call them “Girl Alex” and “Boy Alex”, and yes, they did stab their cake from the top as if they were reenacting King Arthur pulling the sword from the stone, in reverse.

I really love weddings at Weller’s and I think it’s a highly under rated venue (probably because their website looks like it was made in geocities). Don’t let the bare bones site fool you. It’s beautiful, historic, the grounds are lovely, and the garlic mashed potatoes. MY GOODNESS. The garlic mashed potatoes are everything my starch loving stomach could ever ask for. Honestly, Covid-19 has taken a lot of things from me and my business, and while hindering my access to the garlic mashed potatoes at Weller’s isn’t at the top of the list, it’s not too far down.

Now I’m hungry. I clearly need to stop writing and go make lunch. Enjoy these photos from Alex & Alex’s wedding. I hyped the mashed potatoes up so much during cocktail hour to anyone that would listen to me that they literally ran out of mashed potatoes at this one and had to switch over to roasted.
Bridal Details photographed at the wellers hospitality house

Bride getting her makeup done

Bride getting into wedding dress at the wellers hospitality house

bride putting on shoes

bride checking herself out in the mirror

bride revealing herself to her bridesmaids

bride walking to first look at wellers

bride and groom share a first look

bride and groom embracing

bride and groom sharing a laugh after first look

black and white portrait of a bride and groom embracing

bride and groom walking

wedding party posing at wellers in Saline Michigan

wedding party in shades of blush and gray

black and white photos of wedding party

bride and groom posing with their parents

groom has an emotional reaction to bride walking down the aisle

wedding ceremony under the pergola at wellers in saline michigan

bride reacting to grooms vows

emotional wedding vows

wellers carriage house wedding

first kiss at a ceremony at Wellers

bride and groom celebrate just getting married

recessional after a wedding ceremony

bride and groom leaving their wedding ceremony

father of the bride toast

father of the bride making a toast at the wellers carriage house

maid of honor toast at wellers

wellers carriage house wedding

bride and groom reacting to toasts

guests raise a glass during toasts at a wellers carriage house wedding

golden hour portraits of bride and groom

golden hour portraits

timeless wedding portrait of a couple at wellers in Saline Michigan

bride and groom cutting cake

bride and groom taking a first bite of their wedding cake

bride dancing in the gazebo at wellers

wedding guests dancing

dancing at wellers

groomsman busting a move at wellers

bride and groom end the evening with a singalong

bride and groom during singalong

exterior evening shot of wellers in saline michigan

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