I don’t really know what to say. 2014 was the biggest year of my career so far, and I can only express in so many ways how lucky, blessed, fortunate, downright blown away I am that this is my job. The truth is, I cried and listened to beautiful acoustic music while making selections for this post. One of those good cries. One of those cries where it just hits you that your life is special and that things are as they should be.

Being a wedding photographer isn’t like other jobs. People open their hearts for you to document, for you to witness, and with every click of the shutter, you show them a little piece of your own heart. It shows in how you bathed a mother in glowing light as she zipped up a dress, or how you focused on the way his arms wrapped around her, or how you captured that millisecond of a smile before the kiss.

These are some photographs I took in 2014. These are some pieces of my heart. I hope you enjoy them.

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  • Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! Wishing you an even bigger year in 2015! 🙂

  • Oh Heather, what an incredible year you’ve had! Your photography is vibrant, skilful and never dull – you’ve captured some amazing moments and you should be so proud of a busy and productive year! Here’s to 2015!

  • Gorgeous work, love the party photo’s!

  • I haven’t even started culling images for my 2014 best of post… and now I don’t want to even more. 😉 Well done!

  • Heather, this is such a great collection! So many great moments and gorgeous portraits. Cheers on an awesome year!

  • All lovely images!

  • Congrats on such a fantastic year. Wow that church!!

  • Luke Hayden

    Love your creativity. Really inspiring stuff!

  • Mom

    Absolutely beautiful. So proud of you, your work and the priceless memories you capture for your brides and grooms.

  • Heather Kanillopoolos

    Absolutely gorgeous work in a distinctive style. Looking forward to seeing more from you in 2015, Heather <3

  • Elissa

    So beautiful!

  • You’ve had a beautiful year. Here’s to 2015.

  • Beautiful photographs! I love what you did in 2014 and I can’t wait to see what 2015 holds for you!!

  • Stunning work Heather, what a fantastic year… roll on 2015

  • Per

    Damn so nice!!!

  • What an amazing collection of photographs from 2014 Heather! I especially love the last black and white on the dance floor.

  • stefanie

    Love the way you organized this! Brilliant! And beautiful work as well 🙂

  • So good. The images you choose to make black and white are always my favorites of yours. The moments are amazing and your style of black and whites is so soft and moody. Such an amazing year you’ve had!

  • taylor roades

    Heather!! Your 2014 looked insane! I actually can’t believe I’ve never seen your work before!! Absolutely lovely to meet you this week and I can’t wait until next CPC! Good luck in 2015 xxx

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